Don’t touch the block

Quick info

Engine: Unity3D,
Programming language: C#,
Platform: Android
Role: Developer,
Team size: 1,
Date: 13 December 2017 to Unknown(made in free time)

About the game

This mobile game is one of my first big projects were I put a lot of free time in it.
I’ve started working on this project recently again and i’m redoing the store,scoreboard,bug/feedback reporter and change that stuff to server side and store the data on database.

This game is not released on any store.

Main cool features:

-Player can use gained credits to spend on player skins and particle trails and enemy skins.

2 different game modes
-Player can dodge cubes or go fit through the hole in the 2 different game modes.

player skins and particles
-The player can buy player skins and particles in the store to use in game.

custom feedback/bug reporter
-Custom made feedback reporter that will create a new card in trello.
-Custom made bug reporter that will create a new card on trello with extra device information like model, screen res and battery life.

NOTE, both Trello items are changed to SQL for security reasons, for example all feedback gets saved on a database instead of Trello.

Code snippet:

This function creates a popup notification with a inputfield that the player can fill in. and if the notification is closed a event will be activated.

 public void SendNotification(string _msg, Color _msgColor, int _notifId, string _inputFieldPlaceholderText,string _additionalData)
   		//instantiate message
        GameObject _canvas = GameObject.Find("Canvas");
        MessageController _msgcntrl = Instantiate(m_notificationInputfieldPrefab, _canvas.transform).GetComponent<MessageController>();
        //setup notification data
   		_msgcntrl.InitNotification(_msg, _msgColor, _notifId, _inputFieldPlaceholderText, _additionalData);
        //subscripte to close notification event
   		_msgcntrl.NotifReceived += OnNotifClosed;