The smooth of Mc Groove

Quick info

Engine: Custom framework,
Programming language: C#,
Platform: Pc
Role: Developer,
Team size: 1 Dev, 1 Artist,
Date: November 15th, 2017. duration 10 weeks, +- 7 hours per week


Mark Delput Dev
Melle Oldenhof Artist

About the game

This is a puzzle click adventure game were you play as a plane crash survivor in an unknown location, and your main goal is to leave this location.

Main cool features:

Type writer text
-Easy to show text with a type writer style.
-Text easily changed in a .txt file in project.

-Easy to create quests by 1 function.
-Uses inventory to check if player has the required item.

-As player your task is to get out of here, that is possible with the help of other characters. Find stuff out so you can leave this town.

-In game music
-Sound coming from radio or environment.
-Sounds and music made by Melle (artist).

Complete gameplay video

Code snippet: TypeWriter

If I wanted to use the typewriter text I created a new instance of this class and use the constructor to give it the data it needed.

after that I only have to start the DrawText() function when you need this text to been drawn and everything else is automated.

		/// <summary>
		///Init the typewritter, start the writter with the DrawText function
		/// </summary>
        public TextWritter(string fileName, int lineNumber, float delay, string backGround = "textBackground")
            m_gm = GameEngine.GetInstance();
            m_file = ("../../Assets/text/" + fileName + ".txt");
            m_file = ("./Assets/text/" + fileName + ".txt");
            m_lineNumber = lineNumber;
            m_delay = delay;
            m_textBackGround = new Bitmap("background/" + backGround + ".png");